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The Association of Directors of Real Property Tax Services was formed on October 6, 1971 and consists of the Real Property Tax Directors from 55 Counties in New York State and 2 County Assessors represent all New York State counties with the exception of the five counties that comprise the City of New York.  

Mission Statement
Vision Statement

Who is the County Director of Real Property Tax Services?

The New York State Real Property Tax Law, as amended by Chapter 957 of the Laws of 1970 added Article 15A-Title One " County Services to Cities and Towns". Article 15A requires that each county (excepting Nassau, Tompkins, Rockland, and the five counties that make up the City of New York) maintain a Real Property Tax Services Agency. The head of the county real property tax services agency is known as the Director of Real Property Tax Services or Executive Director of the Tax Commission in Westchester County. The Director is appointed by the legislative body of the county except in counties where appointments are to be made by the county executive or county manager for a six year term.

The Director of Real Property Tax Services is appointed on the basis of his/her knowledge of the principles and methods associated with the assessment of real property and his/her executive and administrative experience. No person is eligible for appointment as Director unless he/she meets the minimum qualification standards established for such office by the New York State Board of Real Property Services. There are presently three sets of minimum qualification standards for the position of County Director. These standards are based upon the complexity (i.e., the number of parcels as well as the commercial/industrial property mix) of the county.    

What services and assistance is provided by the County Real Property Tax Director?

County Directors serve an important role in administering the real property tax in New York State by providing professional services to the county property owners as well as to local and county officials. The County Director also provides numerous services to other inter-county departments including but not limited to Finance, Planning, Health, Emergency Services, Public Works, Environmental, Agricultural, and the County Law Department. 


The services provided by a County Director may consist of, however are not limited to, the following:

  • Maintaining tax maps that may also serve as base maps for Geographic Information Systems  

  • Providing advisory appraisals of moderately complex properties to the local assessor  

  • Explaining the affects of proposed New York State Real Property Tax legislation  

  • Providing education and information necessary in the decision making process prior to the enactment of various local option real property tax exemptions  

  • Explaining the affects of Equalization Rates (and in some case developing county equalization rates)  

  • Processing applications for corrected tax billings  

  • Performing or providing assistance in the enforcement of unpaid taxes  

  • Providing assistance to the general public regarding Real Property Tax Matters  

  • Serving as the clearing house for the collection and distribution of information relating to the assessment of Real Property  

  • Performing tax levy apportionment for various tax levying bodies  

  • Calculating various tax rates  

  • Developing procedures associated with the preparation and maintenance of assessment rolls  

  • Training members of the local Boards of Assessment Review  

  • Assisting the New York State Board of Real Property Services with the training of local assessors  

  • Printing assessment rolls, tax rolls and tax bills  


In addition to the foregoing, county governments may delegate other related powers and duties to the Director of Real Property Tax Services based upon the individual needs of the county. 

2023/24 Officers


  • Raymond Ward, CCD, Greene County

1st Vice President​

  • Michael McGuire, CCD, Albany County

2nd Vice President​

  • Tammy Lacey, CCD, Clinton County



  • Tammy Brooks, CCD, Franklin County


  • Kelly Anderson, CCD, Cayuga County


  • Vic Mallison, CCD, Westchester County

2023/24 Board of Directors


  • Sean Mathews, CCD, Rockland County


  • Barry Baker, CCD, Hamilton County


  • Stephen Harris, Board Chair, CCD, Chenango County


  • Daniel T. Martonis, CCD, Cattaraugus County

Past President

  • Karen Ambroz, CCD, Wayne County


  • Tammy Brooks, CCD, Franklin County

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